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We draw the Twelve Powers of Love and the Twelve Transformations of Love from the lips of Jesus as recorded in the Gospels.  We empower Bible literacy for these reasons:


Ten Reasons to Become Bible Literate

1. Self-achievement: People have always turned to the Bible for divine guidance and assistance. It teaches that    God-help is self-help. It explains the mountain-moving power of love, compassion and forgiveness.


2. Benevolence: The Bible has directly led to massive undertakings of good will and charity – hospitals built, multitudes fed and clothed, orphanages founded, schools and universities created.


3. Transformation: Biblical wisdom nudges the earthly realm towards its heavenly potential. One example – it was the Bible that inspired Abraham Lincoln to free the slaves and save the Union.


4. Education: One cannot be an educated person if ignorant on prominent Bible characters and events. A truly educated person is one who can discern perennial spiritual truths as told through ancient biblical stories.


5. Consecration: Do we not date time by biblical characters and events? We established holidays, sacraments and pilgrimages to honor Bible characters -- Christmas, Lent, Easter, Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur….


6. Time-tested: There are over five billion Bibles in print, more than all other books combined. It is the most copied book of antiquity and modernity.


7. Sacred: The Bible is the pinnacle of sanctity and admirable human behavior. To this day, we place our hand on the Bible during presidential inaugurations and swear on this book in courts of law.


8. Uplifting: The Bible provides solace to the bereaved. Its Psalms, laments, and exaltations have turned sorrow into joy and darkness into light. It is the “Balm of Gideon” to the brokenhearted.


9. Enlightenment: The Bible does for spirituality what science does for materiality; it explains spiritual truths. Science answers the “how-it-works question;” the Bible answers the “why-it-works question.”


10. Salvation: The Bible introduces one to the saving grace of Jesus Christ. To invite Him into your heart is to be transformed into a beautiful person and to receive countless blessings here and now, and in the life to come.